Reyha Spends Time With Her Family

Reyha Spends Time With Her Family
This winter break, Reyha spends a lot of time with her grandparents, parents, and older brother Rohan. If you want to know more keep on reading.


Reyha stayed in Delhi for about 2 weeks. That meant that she stayed in Delhi for Christmas. Reyha Loved Christmas because she knew it was the one day that she got to spend time with her family and she was just so excited. The most useful present Reyha got was badminton racket and birdies. 


Reyha’s family went to singapore over the holidays from January 6-12. She went with her grandparents, parents, and Rohan her brother. Her favourite thing was the zoo because she just loves wildlife and nature more that anything. She also loved universal studios a lot cause she loves scary rides and fun ones.

Going back home 

On the way back home to Delhi her flight had soooooooo much turbulence. It was so bad that the plane was moving up and down. Finally they landed. She was just so happy to be back home but as soon as she landed she got really sick. And she thought it was so cold. Maybe going back home isn’t always that good

Me +organisation 

Two strengths that I have in this category is packing my iPad in my bag, and do my homework. I say this because whenever I come home from school I always do my home work and charge my iPad. 
Two areas for growth are doing too much homework at once, and bringing all the right books.
One goal that I have is to brining all the right notebooks to class.