Conformity Within Looking For Alaska


Conformity within Looking for Alaska


Miles personality changes over the course of this book. As the book starts, Miles is an easy going, rule following kid at the beginning of the book, while at the end, he bends all rules and he doesn’t care about the consequences as much. Miles is more comfortable with talking risks and lying to most people he is with.


How many times have you met someone who just love. Now I’m not talking about “love at first sight” but you just love them. This happens to Miles Halter in the book Looking For Alaska. Miles meets Alaska and he falls in love. He immediately connects with the smart and witty girl. As the book build, so does their journey.


Miles Halter is not a typical teenager. For those of you who don’t know, Looking for Alaska is a book written by John Green. Miles went to boarding school, fell in love, and got involved in the wrong group of friends based on who he was before boarding school. He had a pretty boring and uneventful life before meeting any of friends. Miles meets the love of his life, Alaska Young. A crazy, screwed up, clever, and beautiful person.


At the beginning of this book, Miles agrees to listen to his parents. On page 13, Miles’ father said, “No, drugs. No drinking. No cigarettes.” Miles told his parents not to worry, because he would listen to them and only do what he was told. Later in the book on page 70 Miles says, “ I knew I’d smoke maybe 5 of them, but so long as I subsidised the Colonels smoking, he couldn’t really attack me for being another rich kid…” Miles started to develop a habit of smoking throughout the book. He is also shown to drink on many pages such as, 114, 115,146, 157, and many more.


Miles life was very interesting when he met Alaska, but his personality also changed. He lied to his parents on page 96. It was thanksgiving and his parents were excited to see him. In love with Alaska, he decided to lie to them and stay at school. “I’m fine mom. I think – if it’s ok with you, I think I might stay here for thanksgiving. A lot of my friends are staying…” lie…” he lied to his mother because he want tried to hang out with Alaska.

He ended up going to the Colonel’s house instead of staying at school like he promised his mom. He then spends his thanksgiving with the colonels family rather than with his own. This is shown on page 114, “So the foire of us sat around the table and shared our blessings. I was thankful for the fine food and fine company…” Miles decided to go to the colonel’s house and thank them for good food, while his parents e were at home upset without their son.


Not only does he start to lie in his daily life, but he is also more comfortable with taking more risks. This is shown on page 121. “So, I said, what’s our pre-prank?” The Miles before Culver Creek would never be allowed to break rules. Now that Miles has a bad influence from all of his friends, he has also changed as a person. Another example of this is on page 146. Even though Miles is not one to drink, his friends convinced him otherwise. “… we passed around the wine and slowly became drunker…” Miles changes his whole lifestyle based on conformity and bad decision. Since everyone else it getting drunk, Miles decided that would be cool.


Lastly, Miles doesn’t care about consequences. As shown of page 132, Miles on l’y describes what’s happening instead of showing fear as he did in the beginning. “He tracked us back to the barn, I thought. We fucked everything up.” He is only worried about messing up the prank and not as much about how they will be affected. Earlier in the book on page 25, Miles is worried about the slightest things. “God if I get in trouble my parents will kill me,” I said. Here he is worried about his parents opinions, while later on, he doesn’t even mention them.


By the end of this book, Miles’ personality has changed completely. From drinking excessive amounts of alcohol, and smoking as much as his friends, he is no where close too who he was in the beginning of the book. Even though his personality changed, he was still a sweet, loving and charismatic person near the ending of this book. Personality doesn’t define what your are, but what you do. This is something John Green has shown us throughout this book and many others.


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