As a reader I’ve learned to jot my thinking in my notebooks using Cornell notes.
I chose this piece because I am now doing a better job on jotting from the beginning of the year. 


I am trying to work on is keeping my work clean.

I realized that Cornell notes are actually kind of hard to analyse. 



Dear Mom,

Thank you for coming to my student lead conference. 

In this past week we have been preparing for this conference. I hope you guys enjoy. 

In my GRIT survey I noticed that I didn’t get 5 or 1. I only got 4,3,and 2. The GRIT survey is a honesty survey. 

I have grown in math by learning how to add,multiply, and divided on fractions . I have succeeded in reading by reading harder books.





The Right to Live!!          I believe that if you are a human being, you have the right to live. Weather you are a slave, a garbage man or even a beggar, you have the right to live and no one can say that you don’t. “Love all, trust a few, do wrong none.” The words of William Shakespeare. Do you believe in this?
According to Article 6 of the International Covenant on Civil war and Political Rights, the right to live is protected by the law.( if that is true then why do a lot of people still get murdered for doing absolutely nothing? Or you could ask yourself if it’s even good doing that. 
When I was younger and I was living in Canada, there was a report saying that an innocent man was found murdered in his bedroom. They said that the person who killed him had absolutely nothing against him at all!“Why would somebody do this?” You might wonder. Well I thought this as well. Nobody should get killed for nothing, right? Well, It still is a bad to kill somebody that did absolutely nothing at all.
Everybody probably has somebody that is their friend. And sometimes they pass away. Here’s a question for you; If you want to kill another person,thinking in necessary?

That person probably has a family ,right? 

I hope you agree with me that everyone has the right to live. Thank you for reading this essay on THE RIGHT TO LIVE!!!!

The flood

 This is a picture of the flood that happened with in our class yesterday! It was kind of scary because I knew that we had to move to a new room. When we came to school the next morning, they told us we had to move to world language room and I knew that it wasn’t going to work out. Then we moved to pre k and it was way better. Now we are back in our awesome class!!!