I’ve learned how to use PEMDAS. It means that I use MATHEMATICAL PRACTICE 6. Attend to presision. PEMDAS is 

Something  that you need to use in math. Especially in expressions. 


  I need to work on having the correct order and not having PEDMAS!!!!!!

I realised that expressions don’t always need to have all oaf PEMDAS in it. You never solve expressions!!!!! 



As a reader I’ve learned to jot my thinking in my notebooks using Cornell notes.
I chose this piece because I am now doing a better job on jotting from the beginning of the year. 


I am trying to work on is keeping my work clean.

I realized that Cornell notes are actually kind of hard to analyse. 



Dear Mom,

Thank you for coming to my student lead conference. 

In this past week we have been preparing for this conference. I hope you guys enjoy. 

In my GRIT survey I noticed that I didn’t get 5 or 1. I only got 4,3,and 2. The GRIT survey is a honesty survey. 

I have grown in math by learning how to add,multiply, and divided on fractions . I have succeeded in reading by reading harder books.